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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quest Soccer implores the soccer community to assist and donate to the victims of the tragic earthquake in Haiti

Quest Soccer is emptying its warehouse of surplus soccer balls, shorts, shirts, and uniforms to be readied for shipment to Haiti. "We are asking all members especially within the South Florida soccer community to reach out and lend assistance to these desperate souls in Haiti who were ravaged by this terrible eartquake." said Jason Aquila, Quest Soccer's co-director and founder. "Food, water, medicine, diapers, and shelter items are paramount for these people and we will be contributing what we can. We are in the soccer business so logically we are going to send our largest asset, which is soccer items but we ask all of the club, high school, retailers, and recreational soccer players and teams to dig a little further and assist Haiti with those paramount items in this time of need." said Aquila. "We want this message to go even further than South Florida, we know this blog is read in over 45 countries, so if you read this please pass this information along-these people need our help now!"

Several South Florida-based groups are seeking donations to purchase food and building supplies to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti, which has killed more than 42,000 people and the number is rising.

Among them:

Catholic Charities of Miami wants to provide monetary assistance. Checks may be made payable to Catholic Charities of Miami with a notation in the memo line designating the donation for "Earthquake Victims Haiti" and mailed to: Catholic Charities, Eartquake Aid, 9401 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami Shores, FL 33138. Donations can be made online via a secure internet site by accessing clicking on Donate Now, followed by designating the amount to be contributed and the donation option.

Cross International, a Christian aid organization, is seeking to bring food. To provide donations call 1-800-391-8545 or visit and click on the emergency hurricane support link.

Food for the Poor, an international and development organization based in Coconut Creek, is asking for donations to purchase additional building materials for repairs to homes. Call 1-800-487-1158.

Lambi Fund of Haiti is accepting donations after many of the people it assists. To support the sustainable development efforts of Lambi Fund of Haiti, visit to make an online donation or mail a check to Lambi Fund of Haiti, PO Box 18955, Washington, DC 20036.

The Pan American Development Foundation has set up a website called Pan American Relief to collect donations.

Also our Quest Soccer blog readers can go to the American Red Cross
as well as the Feed the Children Foundation

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quest Soccer Camp in Plametto Bay has aligned a partnership with Camp Westminster

Quest Soccer Camp in Plametto Bay has aligned a partnership with Camp Westminster . The mutual agreement between Quest Soccer and Wetminster Camp solidifies an already existing long standing and harmonious relationship between Westminster Christian school and Quest Soccer. "For 9 years Quest Soccer has been in partnership with Westminster in the usage of the facilities and in place equipment, it was a logical step to put all the marketing and promotion of Quest Soccer at Palmetto Bay within one business environment." said Jason Aquila director of Quest Soccer. "It provides base line continuity."

Quest Soccer at Palmetto Bay will launch in 2009 in the month of July rather than their normal June dates. This year Quest Soccer at Palmetto Bay will be conducted from July 13 to July 17th. "We'll be able to maximize the resources of the campus almost exclusively with these new dates." said Aquila. "Our normal outdoor program will run as always but the option of indoor soccer will be there too."

Quest Soccer Camp, South Florida's largest and most experienced Soccer Camp (305) 491-1427